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5月13日,由法国大使馆主办、策展人野城策划的“城市互联”中法当代建筑展在天津市北宁公园拉开帷幕,法国JFA建筑事务所有幸受邀参加。法国驻北京总领事华继永、法国驻华文化教育合作处、各界人士及参展建筑师代表参加了本次展览开幕式。On May 13rd, “INTERCONNEXION”, a Sino-French contemporary architecture exhibition hosted by the French Embassy and curated by Ye Cheng, was held in Beining Park, Tianjin. JFA was invited to participate. Consul General of France in Beijing Hua Jiyong, French Cultural and Educational Cooperation Office in China, people from all walks of life and representatives of participating architects attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

享誉国际的建筑大师和行业新秀同台,不同的设计风格、理念与特长交互对话,体现两国建筑设计领域的丰富实践,引发有关建筑未来的思考。开幕当天,一场与展览相关的讲座将在天津大学举办,包括张永和、董功、雅克·费尔叶、齐欣、米歇尔·欧斯莱在内的十余位中、法参展建筑师出席。World-renowned architects and emerging architects will share the stage. Different design styles, concepts and specialties will interact with each other, reflecting the rich practice in the field of architectural design of the two countries and triggering reflections on the future of architecture. On the opening day, a lecture related to the exhibition will be held at Tianjin University, attended by more than a dozen participating Chinese and French architects, including Yung Ho Chang, Dong Gong, Jacques Ferrier, Qi Xin et Michel Hoëssler.

本次展览是中法建交近60年来,首个对中法建筑师实践进行梳理和集中展示的大型建筑群展。展览论坛期间,雅克·费尔叶先生介绍了JFA公司概况,并讨论了公司在项目上的具体做法。JFA一直秉承的“感性城市”的设计理念,体现了法式的浪漫。设计尝试把几何构图的建造城市模式,转变成创造一种城市氛围,一种质感,一种生活背景,混合建筑和自然景观,激发丰富的感官体验,既利用成熟的先进科技,又使技术消失于无形,创造出一个与文化,气候以及环境紧密结合的和谐城市。This exhibition is the first large-scale architectural complex exhibition in the past 60 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and France. During the exhibition forum, Mr. Jacques Ferrier gave an overview of JFA and discussed the company’s approach to projects. JFA has been adhering to the design concept of “SENSUAL CITY”, which reflects the french romance. The design attempts to transform the construction mode of geometric composition into creating a kind of urban atmosphere, a kind of texture, a kind of living background, mixing architecture and natural landscape, stimulating rich sensory experience, not only using mature advanced technology, but also making technology disappear, to create a harmonious city closely combined with culture, climate and environment.

JFA参展作品为上海漕河泾办公研发园区“华鑫天地以及上海太平洋数码二期重建项目JFA displayed two projects: Shanghai Office Complex “Horizon Caohejing” and Pacific Ⅱ Rebuilt Project.