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穿越城市的花园——徐家汇空中连廊二期施工进行时 徐家汇商圈是上海最具活力的场所之一,它充分体现了都市活力并反映出非凡的城市化强度。由JFA设计的徐家汇空中连廊项目,继2020年一期项目建成后,取得了良好的社会效益,构建了具备开放性、舒适性、体验性的公共活动空间,提升了区域商旅文一体化功能。 目前二期项目正在稳步推进中,工程范围从连廊一期(太平洋数码广场二期西侧),至港汇恒隆广场。其中漕溪北路天桥长约59.8米,虹桥路天桥长约63.2米。人行天桥的落成,在更好地组织人行车行流线的同时,也为城市发展创造新的空间和潜力。 二期工程延续一期的设计理念,人行天桥在空间形式上延续贯穿于城市中,创造一个二层的“线性公园”,二期将和一期共同连接美罗城、太平洋数码、东方商厦和港汇恒隆广场等重要商业体,并且和绿色空间有机地联系在一起,成为上海市中心一个真正的“绿肺”。A linear garden through the city —— Xujiahui Footpath phase Ⅱ now under construction The Xujiahui neighbourhood is one of the liveliest in Shanghai; it embodies the dynamism of this megalopolis and reflects its extraordinary urban intensity. The Xujiahui Footpath project designed by JFA, after the completion of the first phase in 2020, has achieved good social benefits. It creates an open, comfortable, and experiential public activity space, and improves the integration of regional business, travel and cultural functions. Now the second phase of the project is steadily advancing, and the scope of the project is from the first phase of the footbridge (the west side of the second phase of the Pacific Digital Plaza) to the Grand Gateway 66. Among them, the North Caoxi Road part is about 59.8 meters long, and the Hongqiao Road part is about 63.2 meters long. The completion of the footbridge not only better organizes pedestrian and vehicular circulation, but also creates new space and potential for urban development. The second phase of the project continues the design concept of the first phase. The footbridge continues to run through the city in terms of space, creating a two-story “linear park”. The two phases will connect Metro City, Pacific Digital, Oriental Commercial Building and The Grand Gateway 66 and other important commercial entities. At the same time, they are organically linked with the green space, becoming a real “green lung” in the center of Shanghai.