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Fengxian Theater was born in the fields, by the farmers. Today, Fengxian City wants to share these scenes with citizens. Symbolically, it is as if the field scenes were moved to the heart of the city. We propose to evoke this displacement by proposing a project established in the middle of a landscape which evokes the countryside and the fields.

This type of theater is the work of farmers who lived in charming little traditional houses spread around rural areas. The project pays homage to it. It evokes these small houses, gathered next by each other and around the theatre. Conversely, it is also as if the theater belongs to each of these houses. This composition of several houses responds at the same time to the urban concept: “1000 housings”.

This composition is in harmony with the program and the site. It gives the project a very human scale, which invites anyone to enter it. It is not repulsive with a monumental scale and a glaring and pretentious form, but it is aimed at all citizens. It gains its importance and value through its humility.

If the roofs evoke traditional houses, they also resemble theater curtains. They are open curtains to be a welcoming theater shared by all citizens. The streaks of the roofs are like the drapes of the curtains.

 The urban theme “Misty-rain” is evoked by the importance of the landscape. The project is almost placed in the middle of the fields, with in particular a proposal for gardens with aquatic plants. A set of wooden screens positioned in front of the theater glazing partially filters the light, like a cloud.